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Transition Resources

These are some resources for making general living easier during your transition. We receive affiliate fees for some of these.


Green Chef offers delicious organic recipes and ingredients delivered to your door weekly. Accommodates a wide array of dietary preferences. Of note, the recipes are timed accurately due to Green Chef prepping some ingredients in advance. Discount code for 4 free meals at Green Chef Freebie


Temporary housing can be tricky when in recovery. Sober houses can be a good option for those new to addiction recovery but for those with other issues (trauma, eating disorders or those at a more advanced stage of recovery) an often overlooked option is AirBNB. No leases, no credit checks, just pay with your credit card. Here's a $35 credit www.airbnb.com/c/michellem10515


Shopping can be difficult without a car and in a strange place. Amazon prime get can get you most of what you need with 2-day delivery sometimes even less. Postmates can deliver other sundries including food within hours.


Keeping stuff organized when you are being bombarded with paperwork is easier with the right tools. Discbound Circa notebooks from Levenger act as notebook and with the coordinating punch, a binder.