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Recovery Resources

The following resources are recovery and mindfulness related. We aren't healthcare professionals but we can say that members of the posse have benefited from them.


Psychology Tools is a website full of useful free self-help worksheets for various types of mental illness.

Hey Sigmund is a beautifully designed website about mental illness in general. It has sections specifically for children and adolescents.

Sober Nation is a clearinghouse of information on recovery from addictions.

Heal My PTSD is a website devoted to healing from trauma by a peer who has healed herself.


HSA Coach is a free mobile app that is handy for tracking health insurance expenses and your HSA reimbursements. It allows you to take pictures with your phone's camera along with the expense, keeping everything in one spot. The app also has an option to synch with DropBox.

Sober Grid is a free mobile sober social networking app. Find peer support virtually at any hour!

#Truthbomb is a simple iphone app with beautifully written motivating quotes from spiritual guru Danielle LaPorte. Also comes in card decks #Truthbomb Volume 1 and #Truthbomb Volume 2 or a bundle of the two #Truthbomb Bundle.


Muse headset is advertised as a meditation headband. It is also the closest option to a neurofeedback system available in the consumer market.

Oasis CES device helps with depression and anxiety. 

Chi Vitalizer machine helps release trauma and balance your chi.


SMART Recovery is a non-spiritual approach to recovery that embraces analytical thinking.

Refuge Recovery is a spiritual, non-religious approach to recovery based on Buddhist teachings and involves meditation.

Sober Nation's 12 Step List is a comprehensive list of meetings using the classic 12 step approach to recovery.


Floo-id Yoga offers a donation-based hot yoga class for those recovering from addiction on Friday nights.

OM3 Trauma Yoga is a trauma-informed yoga practice with group sessions and private lessons.